Monday, April 26, 2010


It's finally here!!! AND I LOVE IT!!!!
It was love at first touch!!!! LOL My Gammill Vision 18.8 has so many awesome features they thought of everything!!! The computer on front does automatic tie offs, horizontal and Vertical channel locks, low bobbin alert and bobbin gauge (just like your car's gas tank) just watch the gauge to tell when you are low on bobbin, an alarm will go off to let me know I am low as well. It has a radio and MP3 player in the computer!!! Has regulated speed, coast speed, and non regulated speeds for any type of quilting.

I got mine from Tomorrow's Heirlooms in Denver, CO and Steve is so awesome to work with!!!! He came down and set it up and did all the installation . He spent 8 hrs here getting it fine tuned and training me.
I got an A+ on threading it for the first time and I was a little nervous about that but it was super simple after I watched him do it once! He pulled the thread out and said " okay you thread it now"!
I quilted my first quilt on it yesterday and it was awesome!!! So I'm off to get another quilt on the frame now.

This is a wall hanging quilt that has arrived for custom quilting.

This is a vintage table cloth that I made into a freehand feathered whole cloth quilt. Yes I'm really, really into whole cloth quilts!!! I used the colored pencil technique on it too.

This is a quilt I will be custom quilting with feathers. It's next on my list just as soon as I get totally comfortable with my new Gammill which should help my quilting abilities by 100% I love my new machine!!!!

This is a customer's carpenter's star Christmas quilt. She wanted the chantilly lace pantograph on it and it turned out really nice. Her backing was red so I used dark green thread and she loves it!!!!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Vintage Heirloom

This is a Vintage quilt a customer commissioned me to square up all the blocks (40 in all) sew them together and then quilt it. All of the blocks were hand pieced to feedsacks as backing and all the material was feed sacks. This was a labor of love because I so love VINTAGE!!!!! These blocks were her Grandmother's and this lady is 79!!!! I decided since it was an Heirloom quilt it needed freehand heirloom feathers. She was thrilled with it and will be taking it to Oklahoma for her 98 yr old Mother to see.