Sunday, March 21, 2010

I am BEHIND!!!

Okay I've been so busy I haven't posted for a while but you can see why I haven't!!! These are quilts I've done for customers.
The first is a row quilt that I did all freehand work on which is a birthday gift. A batik quilt which is also a birthday gift. Another
birthday quilt black back and greens and browns on front. A queen sized sunbonnet wedding quilt. Another row quilt which I did all freehand work on it's a birthday gift too. A flannel house quilt well sorta house quilt.
My friend Heidi is getting a Nolting SOON and I am sooooooooo excited for her!!!! I helped talk her into it!!! hee hee She has wanted the Fun Quilter for a long time and has been looking at it a long time!!!!
This morning I dyed an antique table cloth that I am going to make into a whole cloth quilt. Of course I tea dyed it!!! My favorite colors!!!! Right now I have a 45 x 45 whole cloth on the frame, it's white, but I am not a fan of white so it might end up tea dyed too, not sure, have to try the white at least!!!! So watch for the whole cloth quilts to show up here. It will be a while possibly a long long while. I sold my HQ and am delivering it April 2 then I will be without a machine for 3 long weeks!!! But ................I will get all my quilt tops done.........or not?????