Saturday, January 30, 2010

More Quilting & one is mine!!!

This is a baby quilt I made for my niece.

This was a customers quilt she is going to use it for a reversible table cloth. I matched the quilting design as close as I could to the flower pattern on the top. I used the quilting design by Patricia Ritter entitled Whoopsie daisy.

I fell in love with this material when my customer brought this quilt top to me!!! I love the impressionists artists. She made this for her friend's birthday who is an artists!!! What a perfect gift.

More Quilts!

The yellow quilt is another new quilter and this was her first quilt as well. It's on the frame right now being quilted.

This is a turquoise and brown polka dot quilt that I quilted last week for a New quilter. This is her first ever quilt top and it turned out beautiful!!!! She was so happy to see it finished.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

HQ For Sale


Here is my lovely HQ for Sale I want a bigger machine, a Gammill all the "extras" that I have added to it. Ruler base ($100 ) Micro handles ($250.) Lights @ 9.95 each I have all of them no slot left vacant.
24 bobbins @ 3.00 each with bobbin winder.Laser light & Stylus ( $100) and four groovy boards. 3 sets of leaders in different sizes.

I wanted a Gammill from the beginning so should have just went that route. I love the machine and it does sew very good. As you can tell from my blog I've quilted many quilts with it. The nice sturdy 12' studio frame goes with it!! :-) This machine is only six months old because it was a replacement for my original that I got back in March that had a power pod malfunction so they were so nice as to just replace it for me!!! I've actually had an HQ for almost a year now and I do love it but like I said, it's not what I wanted from the beginning!!!! HQ's customer service is wonderful!!!!

Will deliver within a 400 mile radius and set up for you. I live in Pueblo West, Colorado

Friday, January 1, 2010

Christmas for my daughter

I started this on Dec 9th and finally finished it (between quilting for customers) on Dec 17th. WHEW!!!! Wasn't sure I was going to get it finished before we left for Phoenix for Christmas with the kids.
I have had this Lonni Rossi panel for TWO YEARS, one of those "I'll get started on it this year" type project. My daughter asked me in November if she was ever going to get it????? Ha ha, someday was my reply. So I decided to surprise her with it this Christmas. A few years ago I was into making all sorts of textured fabrics. So I decided to use some of it on the robe. This was made by fusing crinkled up tin foil to muslin then painted, it was amazingly pliable.My daughter loved it so I thought I'd use it as part of the robe. This Geisha is by Lonni Rossi entitled "Winter Snow Geisha". My daughter loved it and was totally surprised I had it done!!!!

A Bargello

This is a beautiful bargello in mostly lavanders and purples with some turquoise. This was the thrid quilt Twyla has ever done!!!! GREAT JOB isn't it???? It turned out beautiful. I used my favorite panto by Patricia Ritter, "Starburst" chosen by Twyla!!!! This quilt was also Queen sized. Of course Rudy insisted on having his picture taken beside this most beautiful quilt!!!!! Looks like the ironing board insisted too!!!! LOL

QUILTS, QUILTS & more quilts!!!

This is a bright cheery quilt done by a friend in memory of her grand-daughter. I custom quilted this one for her using my heart rulers on the borders and a heart panto in the center. Finished this Queen sized on Dec 14. Started another on Dec 15.

I've been busy!!!! Getting quilts done for Christmas!!!! Isn't this a cute one??