Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Found Them

Ok Heidi here they are!!! The pictures that so mysteriously disappeared from my computer!!!! Turns out they were never ON MY PUTER, they were in my phone!!!!!

This is a Mariner's Compass quilt that I made, still have to get it put on backing fabric, the smaller pieces will be the corners.

Also pictures of my Crazy Quilt blocks that I have been working on for two years now. Still have some beading and a little stitching to do on them then I can assemble them and quilt it!!!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010

My own things

This is my diligent little shadow who waits patiently for his morning walk or sleeps soundly while I am quilting!!
I am making a crazy quilt this is the last of the nine blocks that I have done. Now I must get it together and quilted!!!!

I'm taking a feather bootcamp class online with Suzanne Early on MQResources. It's a different twist to making them but as you can see I'm having a little trouble keeping them consistent on the edges. Sheesh who would think feathers could be so technical????

Lets see..................I have finished all the stars on my embroidery machine and have fused them to background blocks............hmmmmm well I got sidetracked one day after watching a video online of Mattie Rhoades QuiltSmart technique and I just had to try it!!!!

Well I've looked and looked and I can't seem to find any pictures of the Mariner's Compass that I got side tracked with or any of my embroidered stars..........hmmmmmmmm where have I lost them at on my puter!!!!????? I'm thinking maybe just maybe I never took any????? Sorry maybe next month ( and I will try to post monthly from now on) I can get them posted!!!!!

I'm off to read the Sunday ads then to Joann's for my 50% off coupon, there's a quilting pattern book I want there and then on to Big Lot's for more fleece blankets!!!!!

September and I am caught up!!!

This quilt was a beautiful batik star in Tuscany colors so I used a Tuscany design for it. My customer loved it. It's for her brother and she was excited to get to take it to him the following week.

Lover Boy here was lots of fun. I custom quilted him and I just had to put feathers all the way around his tail!!!!!!

I got a California King southwestern quilt from a new customer. She came with her friend as a referral from one of their friends who I have quilted for. We had so much fun that afternoon, they were so excited about all the things I do, as in Ohhhh you have an embroidery machine?? Oh I see you do alot of custom quilting from the hangings on your walls and you do ART QUILTS!!!!

Moving on to my own things now!!!!!!

August has arrived

This is a beautiful Carpenter's Star quilt that I quilted for a benefit. I loved the colors so much!!!

Then I did this JOY wall hanging for a customer for our quilt guilds craft show coming up October 9 & 10.

This colorful queen quilt that was done by one of my customers using all her left over scraps!!! You can't see it but I used a varigated thread same color as the front on the back. She loved it!!!!

Moving on to July

Let's see what I can dig up from my picture files for July!!!

I took two fleece blankets and quilted them together using/practicing the Lisa Calle feather technique. I made this blanket for my next door neighbor who was going into the hospital for cancer surgery. I put her name in the middle with flowers around it using my embroidery machine. She loved it so much she took it with her to the hospital.

Then I did a beautiful flag quilt for a customer!!! WOW it was stunning. She made it for her son.

After that comes another Wounded Warrior Quilt that I custom quilted with feathers in the negative spaces.

Moving right along we have two Christmas carpenter star quilts. This is the third one I have done. My customer brought me red/green thread which was so beautiful, her backings were white/white so the stitching showed so well. On the last row of the first quilt the thread started breaking before starting the second quilt I changed my needle, oiled my machine, loosened my tension a little bit, but when I started the second quilt that darn thread kept breaking!!!! So I had to switch to solid red thread. We decided it was the thread because I used half the spool before it started breaking and it consistently broke in the same color range each time!!!! White!!!

Way behind

Gosh I didn't realize I have been neglecting my blog for so long!!! Time flies when you're having fun and I have been having lots of fun!!!!!

I did this oversized queen wolf quilt. I put pine trees on it.

Did these freehand feathers on placemats for a friend. The feathers are a Lisa Calle technique which I am still learning but I love the lay out of them.

Our Tuesday night quilt group has started making Quilts for wounded warriors. We will be donating to the retreat in Westcliff.

This is a whole cloth quilt that I did for a customer. It was so fun!!! There were only two designs she wanted on it then she told me to do whatever I wanted on it. FUN FUN!!! She was so happy when she came to pick it up!!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

A few more

Here's a couple of quilts I did before I left for Wyoming. The butterflies were custom quilted because each block was hand cross stitched and needed a specific design.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Bonding with my Gammill

The round part of this quilt will go over the pillows. These first two pictures go together. This is a beautiful quilt. The sides are just beautiful dark blue material with skaters on it.

This is the back of the Sunbonnet girls quilt. I used varigated pastel thread.

These are all customer quilts I've finished on my Gammill.