Sunday, October 25, 2009

A few more quilts

I just finished four Halloween quilts for a friend of a friend. One of these was Queen sized the other three were twins. They were really fun to do!!! I put pumpkins on the pumpkin, lime green spider webs on the green/black and ghosts on the pumpkin/ghost. Purple spiderwebs on the Queen sized.

Here's an Americana red/white/blue that I just finished. I quilted the top and bottom in red, she loved it!!!

I quilted this bird panel for Charlotte.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Silhouette Demo piece

This is a wall hanging I did as a demonstration at our quilt guild. It is silhouettes of my kids back in 1991

Challenge quilts

Okay I've been busy quilting and have neglected my blog. That's why I joined blogging without obligation!!!! LOL
Here is my challenge piece quilted. Freehand quilted this one using different techniques, even blanket stitched around the moon with my longarm.
I also finished a challenge piece for a lady in our quilt guild. This is it and it's is absolutely beautiful!!!! In my last post I explained our guild had to blind draw two crayons out of a bag. Her's happened to be purple and red. Mine were orange and yellow.

I've just finished Mary R's friendship quilt and her snowball quilt. They were both really fun to do.

A couple more Christmas gifts for Charlotte's family. I need to find & load a couple more of her quilt pictures soon as I find them.


Thursday, September 10, 2009

Quilts I've been quilting

I am still practicing on friends quilts. I've learned so much!!! What a learning curve there is in quilting. There are so many variables for thread tension and so many threads!!!!! My machine will take any kind of thread so far. I love the freehand quilting but don't feel I am good enough to put it on someone else's quilt!!!

Quilting away

Our club recently started a challenge. Pick two crayons out of a paper bag add black & or white and make something!!! My colors were yellow and orange!!!! Yippee I love those colors and here is what I made!!!!! I still have to quilt it. But I think it turned out well.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Baby Quilt

Made this baby quilt for a friend of ours. I love these fairies! This quilt was all free motion, mainly with feathers, got lots of practice on them.

Friday, July 17, 2009

College Grad Quilt

Remember the college grad fishing quilt I made for my son??? Well he brought it back when he came to visit so I could show it at my quilting guild, he had to leave before the meeting so while it was at my house waiting for his return I entered it in the Pueblo County fair and it won a blue ribbon!!!!! I was pleased!!!!

Both of my other entries also won blue ribbons and one also won Champion (purple ribbon) in it's division.

Antique quilt

This is an antique quilt top that has been in my Mother's attic for at least 20 years. I brought it home and finished free hand quilting it this week. I learned a lot from this quilt. It is king sized so had lots and lots of practice with feathers, flowers and swirls. I used the rip away paper technique for the large roses in the blocks. This is an Irish chain design, possibly double Irish chain?? Not sure everyone who looks at it isn't sure either.

Finished Eight point star

Here is the finished quilt. It turned out really nice!!

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Another Quilt to Do

This is a quilt Vicki made, it is a birthday present for a co-worker of hers to give his wife!!! I am so in love with this quilt!!!! He wants it quilted with stars..............hmmmmmmmmm still trying to decide WHAT kind of stars and yada yada yada!!!! I'm thinking Starburst by Patricia Ritter on this one. It needs something large and flowing. All the other stars are just too small. This quilt is so beautiful!!! I may end up making my own design for this quilt.

Quilts, Quilts & more quilts

This is a Christmas quilt I made and just finished quilting. Our quilting guild is having a Christmas in July sew night and we are making Old World Snowball quilts. The board members (me included) needed to have ours done for the July meeting. Christmas in July will be our theme for our sew night.
This quilt was also freehand quilted.

Three stooges and fairies

Here is Crystal's Three Stooges Quilt, I quilted this one using a pantograph called Top Hats. It turned out really well and she was really happy with it.

This is a baby quilt I made for my neighbor. I freehanded feathers all over the borders of it. It was my first time quilting feathers freehand the picture is a bit fuzzy. Actually this entire quilt was freehand quilted.

More Quilts

This is a paper pieced wall hanging Charlotte made. The picture does not do it justice, it has very vibrant colors!! I used the chantilly lace pano pattern on it. She does such beautiful paper piecing!!! She just taught me how to do it this spring and I love it, now to get TIME!


I've been busy quilting for my friends!! This is a wedding quilt Vicki made and I quilted for her. It turned out awesome!!!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Binding is on, label is on the back it's ready to wrap!!

College grad quilt

My son graduates from college Friday morning. He is a Learning disabilities teacher, also "Student Teacher of the Year" from Arizona State University. Graduating with honors. We are so proud of him. He loves to fish so I made him a quilt with silhouette pictures of him and fish he has caught over the years. All the designs on this quilt were freehand quilted which was another learning experience for me. Very fun.