Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tin foil cloth

I used kitchen tin foil crumpled and then ironed onto muslin using stitch witchery. Took it out in the garage and painted it with metallic paints and spray painted a couple of these. It is amazing how SOFT and supple it is. I can see it can easily be sewn like cloth. Not sure how well the tin foil will stand up but looks good and stuck to the muslin at this point.

Then I got the bright idea to try pages from books. I tea dyed them let them dry, crumpled them up, ironed them to muslin using stitch witchery, misty fuse, or whatever fusible interfacing you have. They are AWESOME!!!

By then I was on a roll so I decided I needed more metallics on black so WA LA!!!!! Bubble wrap and metallic fabric paints. The flowers were a foam stencil stamp I had and they are really "silver" not white.

These are just painted onto black fabric no fusing involved.

I liked the book pages so much I thought why not use brown wrapping paper??? So I crumpled it up ironed it to muslin took it out in the garage and painted it with metallics!!! It almost looks like leather I think it has the makings of a journal cover written all over it!!!

And of course one thing leads to another....I had left over coffee in a cup from dying the book pages so I crumpled up two pieces of muslin and packed them down into the cup and let the coffee soak up. End results.............