Monday, July 14, 2008

Crazy Quilting

I've finally gotten around to making a crazy quilt block!!! This one is going on a six month trip around the world to other crazy quilters who will embellish it. I will eventually get it back. A new block!!! I had to make a new CQ block to send in the round robin seems one person has stalled the rotation.
Think Pink. I made the bookmark for my daughter's friend whose Mother died of breast cancer . A friend of mine made the wallet and I swapped for it at our Tue night quilting group.

Tote bags

This week I made tote bags for myself and my daughter. They were fun to make. Mine is the brown/tan and her's is the oriental. These were super simple to make. I made the handles out of cording wrapped and sewn together.

Sudoko Quilt top

Our quilting guild had a work night at the last meeting and we all made Sudoko quilt tops. Here is mine. I chose fall colors because I love fall and pumpkins and the leaves turning colors. I decorate my house for fall with lots of pumpkins and fall leaves. I need to get it quilted sometime this week.