Monday, June 30, 2008


This face quiltie is a quiltie I made for ME! I was going to swap it but decided I liked it so much I'd keep it.
The Happy Birthday is for a friend it is machine felted and machine embroidered. The mottled looking flowers are felted into the background using the lint in the lint catcher of my felting machine. When I went to clean it out I realized I had quite an array of bright colors so thought of "flowers" and thus this quiltie was born!!

The blue and orange is also machine felted and will probably be hand embroidered. Not sure about it yet. I used orange wool roving on blue flannel with a dyed yellow fabric softener sheet punched into it.

The last set of pictures are of arches I've made and embellished for a year long arch swap on a yahoo group. As you can see only six more months to go!!!

Fiber fusion

Been playing around with the fiber fusion again. This time I used corn, soy and one I'm not sure what it was but it worked the best!!! Another easy technique pull your rovings apart and layer them, mix textile medium half to half with water and spray on then embed fibers into it or sprinkle with glitter.

Perfect paper Experiments

I got several jars of Decoart's perfect paper on sale and have been experimenting using them. Pretty easy technique.....smear it on clear notebook sleeves let dry and peel off. You can embed threads, fibers, glitter about anything you want.