Saturday, September 20, 2008

Tin foil cloth

I used kitchen tin foil crumpled and then ironed onto muslin using stitch witchery. Took it out in the garage and painted it with metallic paints and spray painted a couple of these. It is amazing how SOFT and supple it is. I can see it can easily be sewn like cloth. Not sure how well the tin foil will stand up but looks good and stuck to the muslin at this point.

Then I got the bright idea to try pages from books. I tea dyed them let them dry, crumpled them up, ironed them to muslin using stitch witchery, misty fuse, or whatever fusible interfacing you have. They are AWESOME!!!

By then I was on a roll so I decided I needed more metallics on black so WA LA!!!!! Bubble wrap and metallic fabric paints. The flowers were a foam stencil stamp I had and they are really "silver" not white.

These are just painted onto black fabric no fusing involved.

I liked the book pages so much I thought why not use brown wrapping paper??? So I crumpled it up ironed it to muslin took it out in the garage and painted it with metallics!!! It almost looks like leather I think it has the makings of a journal cover written all over it!!!

And of course one thing leads to another....I had left over coffee in a cup from dying the book pages so I crumpled up two pieces of muslin and packed them down into the cup and let the coffee soak up. End results.............

Sunday, September 14, 2008


These are fabric bowls I've been making for our Quilter's Guild Silent Auction in November.
They have become rather addictive for me!!! I wrap the cording in the evening while watching TV and then sew them the next day.
As you can see from the picture above I also finished my fall Sudoku quilt. Now I'm working on a fall table runner.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Crazy Quilting

I've finally gotten around to making a crazy quilt block!!! This one is going on a six month trip around the world to other crazy quilters who will embellish it. I will eventually get it back. A new block!!! I had to make a new CQ block to send in the round robin seems one person has stalled the rotation.
Think Pink. I made the bookmark for my daughter's friend whose Mother died of breast cancer . A friend of mine made the wallet and I swapped for it at our Tue night quilting group.

Tote bags

This week I made tote bags for myself and my daughter. They were fun to make. Mine is the brown/tan and her's is the oriental. These were super simple to make. I made the handles out of cording wrapped and sewn together.

Sudoko Quilt top

Our quilting guild had a work night at the last meeting and we all made Sudoko quilt tops. Here is mine. I chose fall colors because I love fall and pumpkins and the leaves turning colors. I decorate my house for fall with lots of pumpkins and fall leaves. I need to get it quilted sometime this week.

Monday, June 30, 2008


This face quiltie is a quiltie I made for ME! I was going to swap it but decided I liked it so much I'd keep it.
The Happy Birthday is for a friend it is machine felted and machine embroidered. The mottled looking flowers are felted into the background using the lint in the lint catcher of my felting machine. When I went to clean it out I realized I had quite an array of bright colors so thought of "flowers" and thus this quiltie was born!!

The blue and orange is also machine felted and will probably be hand embroidered. Not sure about it yet. I used orange wool roving on blue flannel with a dyed yellow fabric softener sheet punched into it.

The last set of pictures are of arches I've made and embellished for a year long arch swap on a yahoo group. As you can see only six more months to go!!!

Fiber fusion

Been playing around with the fiber fusion again. This time I used corn, soy and one I'm not sure what it was but it worked the best!!! Another easy technique pull your rovings apart and layer them, mix textile medium half to half with water and spray on then embed fibers into it or sprinkle with glitter.

Perfect paper Experiments

I got several jars of Decoart's perfect paper on sale and have been experimenting using them. Pretty easy technique.....smear it on clear notebook sleeves let dry and peel off. You can embed threads, fibers, glitter about anything you want.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Mono printing

Mono printing is a really easy technique. Here are a few of the many experiments I've done lately. The flowers are now FME and quilted waiting for binding.
I used a piece of waxed freezer paper taped to a table. Lightly spread on a background color and then stamped into it. Lay a piece of material over it roll it with a rolling pin or brayer, pull off and let dry!!!! I heat set mine. Interesting technique!!!

Sunday, April 6, 2008

A ribbon

I entered the Pueblo Expo quilting challenge which was a hard thing to do because it was outside my comfort zone. For one.. It was fabrics that were totally NOT me. For two it was to be judged on workmanship and color coordination and three...... my imagination and creativity become "blocked" when restrictions are placed on what I can do.

But......................I won second place and I was totally SHOCKED!!!! So I am a very happy camper!!!! One of the ladies on the Expo board told me that the judges had said I had the best use of color out of all the entries so that made me feel good!!!

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Thread and fiber sandwich with straw fiber beads

Here is one of the thread sandwiches I made a couple of weeks ago. I then made some fiber beads and glued them on.

Challenge wall hanging

This is a challenge wall hanging I made for the quilting expo to be held here next weekend. You bought a fabric packet and then made whatever you liked from it. The colors are not my thing but.............It didn't turn out too bad. I don't expect to win a thing, but it was challenging for me just to step outside my comfort zone and create something that hundreds of people are going to view and comment (good & bad) on. It had to have the word memory or memories somewhere on the quilt. I think the idea behind this particular fabric being chosen along with the word memories was something to do with the 60's????
Let me know what you think of my very "colorful" flower garden!!!

Finished at last!!

I finally got the binding on my portrait quilt.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Egyptian Swaps

On my Unlimited Textiles group we are swapping Egyptian Quilties and dolls. I love this Quiltie . I wish I had made myself one but then it wouldn't have been a "One of a kind" would it??

And the Egyptian doll. I still need to put hands on her.

March's Textile challenge

Textile challenges group had a glue gun challenge. I took the fabric sandwiches and used my glue pieces I made way last summer. Glue guns are fun for embellishments. Here is my challenge .

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Fiber & Thread Sandwiches

Yesterday and today I played around with threads~n~Fiber sandwiches. Well that's what I call them anyhow. I took a piece of lightweight fabric for the bottom or backing,laid it on solvy dissolve stabilizer, then cut snips of different fibers, yarns and threads and layered them on. Sprayed it all with quilting spray adhesive put a layer of fine tulle over it, free motion embroidered on top then put it in hot water to shrink it. Not sure what I'll use these for, possibly covers on altered books or more drawing journals.